Where the beautiful nature, tradition and organic food are in harmony with each-other.

About us

The farm is located inside national park Germenj-Shelegur, it is in the middle of pure and almost untouched forests of the southeast of Albania.

It's on a 1000-meter altitude and it is usual to see footprints of wild animals such as bear, wolf, hogs, and deer; it seldom happens to see those animals too.

The forests are mostly pine, the views from the mountains are spectacular, the meadows are wide and wild, and there are several lakes near the farm where a nice stop for swimming would be pleasant.

All regions are pretty wide and there are almost no fences in all areas. The people who are living in the villages nearby are very friendly. They are willing to invite you to their houses to drink a glass of raki.

At Farma Sotira we grow almost every animal that is suitable for the climate.

Food is mostly farm-produced meat, fish, cheese, butter, jam, salads, fruits, and vegetables. Meat can be pork, veal, or lamb; fish is trout, and if someone is vegetarian or allergic to any of these foods, Farma Sotira can arrange to replace your meals with the proper kind of food.

Farma Sotira only uses meat from the farm, cows, sheep, pigs, goats, chickens, ducks, and gooses. Meats are cooked mostly using traditional recipes. The meat is placed in a baking pan and covered with a well-heated cap filled with wood ember.

There are a lot of activities you can engage while there, like horse riding, camping, hiking, cylcing, photography, swiming. If you are curious about farmer work you can help them on they daily duties.

There are about 15 bungalows and cabins that are used for accomodation, but if you prefer camping there is a dedicated space for tents.

We are waiting you to visit us.