Bring your own tent and enjoy waking up by birds song.


There is a lot of space under the trees for your tent. If you prefer to sleep under the stars, we have thought for you. You would not be far from civilization as you will have access to electricity, bathrooms, showers, wireless and clean water.

If you travel with your camper, we have special parking for that. The area is equipped with electric power plugs and clean water. The sorroundings are safe by our security guards.

Experienced backpackers can bring their own equipments to feel like home. Your safety is our priority as the area is protected by guards. Late night conversations around campfire, drinks and dances will remain in your memory for a long time.

For new Backpackers: Check the weather and pack your bags according to the forecast and climate. An extra warm layer for nighttime outside is always nice. And rain layers can come in handy for wind or wet weather, even if you aren't expecting storms. Remember to keep sun protection in mind while you are packing since you'll be spending more time outdoors.