We work hard here at Farma Sotira to keep everything organic and we like to cook in traditional way.

The food


We only use meat from our farm; cows, sheeps, pigs, goats, chickens, ducks and gooses. It is cooked mostly using traditional recipes. The meat is placed in a baking pan and covered with a well heated cap filled with wood ember. When you don't have too much time we just grill it in wood ember.

You can ask to be cooked in a different way or if you like cooking you can try it yourself.

Fish casserole with vegetables

This is a traditional recipe for cooking fish in Albania. We use the trofta fish we grown here. The fish cutt in big pieces together with fresh vegetabes are placed in a baking pan. After we put over it a very well heated big cap filled with wood ember.

We recommend to add a glass of white wine made from our farm grapes.

Chicken / duck / goose with rice

This is also a traditional dish mostly in south of Albania. It is easily prepared and very nutritious.

Ask for it to the waiter, especially if you are a large group. Childrens love it.

Traditional pie

This is a dish found in many countries, but we cook it our own way. We use wheat flour or corn flour depending on the request. It can be filled in different ways; tomatoes + onion, wild cabbage, nettles, mushrooms, cottage cheese + eggs, cottage cheese + leek, e.t.c.

We bake it always on a wood oven for a better taste.

Home made bread and cheese

Usually we make bread ourself. We use moslty organic wheat flour and sometimes we use corn flour also. We bake it always on a wood oven for a better taste.

It is recommended to be consumed near the fire-place accompanied by cheese and a glass of red wine.

Dried meat

This is an old traditional way of preserving the meat for the winter where the fridge was not yet invented. The meat is cutt in slices and smoked ner the fire place until it is dried. We use cow, sheep or goat meat for this purpose.

It can be tasted grilled lightly near the fire-place or cooked with beans. We like to consume some glasses of raki when tasting it.

Grilled fish

It is the most known way of cooking fish and the fast one also. We use only our trofta fish we grow here. If you like to grill it yourself our staff will be glad to help you.

You can add a glass of white wine or raki when tasting it.

Fresh chicken and duck eggs

Everybody loves the eggs for breakfast. Ask the waiter for the type chichen/duck/goose and how you want it cooked.