Burn calories and enjoy the beautiful woods and streams around farma.


We know you can't resist our organic food, but what about burning some of those calories. We suggest hiking. According to doctors it is the safest and the healthiest. And in the meantime you can enjoy the beautiful nature around. There are a lot of interesting places around Farma Sotira. Also you can make some photos to update your friends on your social network.

Albanian wild nature is waiting for you to explore it. With a variety of Flora and Fauna, your expedition will turn in a real adventure. Snowy winter, colorful spring or whenever you choose to visit us, nature will impress you. With different trails to follow, you might end up extending your visit.

It's important to know what kind of weather to expect so you can prepare and modify plans accordingly. Before hitting the trail, check the day's weather. Bring enough food and water, it is important to stay hydrated and be prepared for situations that delay your return.

Make sure you have the supplies to deal with major injuries, and make sure you have the knowledge. You can purchase hiker first aid kits at outdoor stores or put together your own.

Soon we will publish some nice gps track to download and follow.