All that’s best in the countryside can be experienced on horseback.

Riding to Gramos lake

Duration 8 days (7 nights)

Riding days 6 days

Route length 100 - 120 km

Price 1,150 euro

Group size 5 - 12 persons

Key Notes

- Minimum group size for booking: 5 persons.
- Participants must have backpacks to carry their personal clothes, sleeping bag, umbrella, water and food for lunch.


This trip is more appropriate from July 15 to August 30.


Three star hotel, camping tent, guesthouse.

What is included?

Accommodation/ tent/ guesthouse. Sleeping bag in case you use the tent. Breakfast/lunch/dinner. An optional drink during lunch and dinner. Coffee and tea during stops.


Day 1: Arrival at Rinas airport around 3 PM. Transportation by van to Farma Sotira. The trip lasts 5- 6 hours. Hotel accommodation.

Day 2: Horse riding trips in the suburbs of Farma Sotira. Breakfast will be served at 8:00 AM. The journey starts from Farma on 9 AM. We will travel to some of the most interesting places near the farm. Lunch will be served in a form of a picnic. Return to Farma on afternoon.

Day 3: We will set off to Prodan village after consuming the breakfast. The road passes through Germenj village and then through pine forests. The first part of the journey consists of ascending at a level of about 500 m. Afterwards we go down to Prodan village. After equipping the horses, we will accommodate in the guesthouse. Dinner will be served with traditional local food.

Day 4: After consuming breakfast, we will set off to Gramoz Lake. In the first part the terrain is straight, passing through the villages of Rehove and Starje. Afterwards begins the climb to Gramoz Mountain. Ascending level 1,100 m. Along the way we will meet several cattle ranches. Gramoz Lake is located at 2,350 m above sea level and is the highest lake in Albania. Upon arrival and after equipping the horses, we will prepare for camping. For dinner will be consumed a roast lamb.

Day 5: The descent starts in the morning from the same trail to Starje village. Then the road continues to the plain of Kolonja. Along the way you will visit Erseka city. There will be a stopover for lunch and a visit to the city. In the afternoon we will travel to the village of Borove. Accommodation in hotel Borova.

Day 6: The journey to Sanjollas village starts after consuming the breakfast. In the beginning we will visit Borova canyon. Afterwards the road continues to Barmash village and then to Sanjollas village. From here you will be transported by van to Farma Sotira. Hotel accommodation.

Day 7: After breakfast you will be transported by van to Sanjollas village. There begins the journey to Radimisht and then to Radanji village. Here you will pass by Radanji Lake where you can have a swim (optional). Return to Farma Sotira in the afternoon. Hotel accommodation.

Day 8: Departure to Rinas Airport.