All that’s best in the countryside can be experienced on horseback.

Riding to Leskovik city

Duration 2 days

Route length 35 - 40 km

Price 260 euro

Group size 5 - 12 persons


Three star hotel.

What is included?

Accommodation in hotel (3 nights). Breakfast/lunch/dinner for 2 days. An optional drink during lunch and dinner. Coffee and tea during stops.


Day 1: After breakfast starts the journey to Leskovik city. The terrain during this trip is straight most of the time with a slight descent near Leskovik. Along the way there will be stops at Shelegur lake. After arriving in Leskovik, horses will be equipped and we will visit some tourist sites in the city. In the evening there will be a dinner accompanied by traditional music. Hotel accommodation.

Day 2: After breakfast starts the trip to Farma Sotira. The road passes through the forests of Shelegur. The terrain will be ascending first for 500 m and then descending for 400 m. The scenery along this journey will be surrounded by pine and fir forests. Afterwards the road descends to the plain of Shelegur and continues towards Farma Sotira. Hotel accommodation.