All that’s best in the countryside can be experienced on horseback.

Riding to Sarandapor thermal water

Duration 7 days (6 nights)

Riding days 5 days

Route length 80 - 100 km

Price 1,000 euro

Group size 5 - 12 persons

Key Notes

- Minimum group size for booking: 5 persons.
- Participants must have backpacks to carry their personal clothes, sleeping bag, umbrella, water and food for lunch.


This trip is more appropriate from June 15 to August 30.


Three star hotel, camping tent, guesthouse.

What is included?

Accommodation/ tent/ guesthouse. Sleeping bag in case you use the tent. Breakfast/lunch/dinner. An optional drink during lunch and dinner. Coffee and tea during stops.


Day 1: Arrival at Rinas airport around 3 PM. Transportation by van to Farma Sotira. The trip lasts 5- 6 hours. Hotel accommodation.

Day 2: Horse riding trips in the suburbs of Farma Sotira. Breakfast will be served at 8:00 AM. The journey starts from Farma on 9 AM. We will travel to some of the most interesting places near the farm. Lunch will be served in a form of a picnic. Return to Farma on afternoon.

Day 3: We will set off from Farma Sotira to the thermal waters of Leskovik around 9:30 AM. The road will pass through picturesque landscapes with forests and meadows. Along the way we will see Shelegur lake, where a short stop will be made. After that, the road continues to a place called Malishte. Then the descent to the lodge begins. Along the way, the climate varies from continental to Mediterranean. After arriving at the campground, we will prepare for camping, equipping the horses and then bathing in the thermal waters. Dinner will be organized in the form of barbeque.

Day 4: The journey to Leskovik city begins along Sarandapori River. The ground is straight during the first hour and then starts the ascending. Ascent level 500 m. Along the way we will visit some traditional villages of the area. After arriving in Leskovik and equipping the horses, we will visit some tourist sites in the city. In the evening there will be a dinner accompanied by traditional music. Hotel accommodation.

Day 5: After consuming the breakfast, we will set off to Farma Sotira. The road passes through the forests of Shelegur. The terrain will be ascending first for 500 m and then descending for 400 m. The scenery along this journey will be surrounded by pine and fir forests. Afterwards the road descends to the plain of Shelegur and continues towards Farma Sotira. Hotel accommodation.

Day 6: This day trip will be organized to the village of Pode. The road passes through a pine forest. Upon arrival in the village of Pode, we will visit the old church and the 7 water sources of Pode. The return route passes through some panoramic areas of Radanj village. The stopover will take place at the village lake where you can have a swim (optional). Then the road crosses the Has field. Return to Farma Sotira in the afternoon. Hotel accommodation.

Day 7: Departure to Rinas Airport.