All that’s best in the countryside can be experienced on horseback.

Riding to Osecke village

Duration 1 day

Route length 15 - 20 km

Price 70 euro

Group size 5 - 12 persons

What is included?

Lunch, tea and coffee during stops.


After breakfast we start our journey to the village of Osecke. The road runs along the Sotira River for 1 km. It then ascends into a pine forest and continues into a field towards the village of Osecke. After this, the road continues several kilometers to the Pole plain, in the village of Radanj where it can be a stopover in a village house for coffee and raki. Lunch will be consumed near the lake of Radanj village where you can have a swim (optional). Then we continue on the road to Has field. Return to Farma Sotira in the afternoon.