Why to visit us

Organic food

Enjoy our organic food. Here you can taste some of the most known traditional dishes.


Find your inner peace far away city traffic.


Our resort is reachable by bicycle, bike or car.


We care about our clients. We want them to be satisfied without spending too much.

About us

It's all about organic

The farm is located inside national park Germenj-Shelegur, it is in the middle of pure and almost untouched forests of the southeast of Albania.

The forests are mostly pine, the views from the mountains are spectacular, the meadows are wide and wild, and there are several lakes near the farm where a nice stop for swimming would be pleasant.

It's on a 1000-meter altitude and it is usual to see footprints of wild animals such as bear, wolf, hogs, and deer; it seldom happens to see those animals too.

All regions are pretty wide and there are almost no fences in all areas.

What to do here